Worship and Prayer

Weekly Worship


Weekly College Worship provides a time & space for all the members of our community—staff, students, and faculty—to reflect on life & the world’s life; on our differing understandings of where & how God is present in the world; & on what we think/believe/feel God might want from us in respect to our lives in the world. 012815.S9538We also share prayer requests, joys, & concerns. Sometimes there’s music. BASICALLY, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN…

Thursdays, from 12:15–12:45, the meetinghouse at the Quaker Heritage Center.

The Meditation Room

in Kelly Religious Center is open for worship, prayer, or encouraging one another in faith, whenever Kelly Center is open—usually,

M–Th, 8 am–10 pm

F-Sun, 8 am–6 pm.


Courage poster 2015-2016A

Courage Speakers Series

Information for 2015-2016 coming soon…

Living the Questions

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Small Groups

Initiated by students, staff, and faculty, a variety of small groups exist on campus aimed at nurturing and deepening the faith life of individuals and of the college community. In addition, Wilmington College has a very active volunteer program which assists students in finding places for service.

Fellowship Groups

Builders on the Rock

Builders on the Rock is a Bible study group led by Bryson Thompson of Wilmington Bible Baptist Church. All students are welcome. Builders meets on Wednesdays at 9 pm in the TOP. For more information, contact Bryson Thompson at (937)383-1122.

Catholic Campus Ministry

Catholic Campus Ministry is co-sponsored by St. Columbkille Catholic Church, Wilmington. The group offers a variety of activities that include opportunities for ministry within the parish, some Mass on campus, and retreats. Membership is open to all students, staff, and faculty. If you’re interested in being involved with Catholic Campus Ministry, email bud_lewis(at)wilmington.edu.


Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha is a non-denominational Christian fellowship group. The group meets on campus, in all sorts of settings and sizes. The gatherings are informal, charged with music, given to humor, and address topics that vary from relationships to the nature of truth. The goals of these gatherings are to meet with God, meet with friends, and meet real needs. For more information, check out the Chi Alpha web page or contact Tara Lydy (ext. 261) or Ken Lydy (ext. 624).

Quaker Leader Scholars Program

The Quaker Leader Scholars Program is a community of Wilmington College students—both Quaker and non-Quaker—who gather weekly for a program of spiritual formation, service, Quaker studies and leadership development. QLSP activities include retreats, visits to area Friends meetings and churches, occasional attendance at regional and national Friends gatherings—and enjoying each other’s company. (QLSers are SERIOUS about spoons.)

On campus and in Wilmington

TCJ_meetinghouseCampus Friends Meeting

Campus Friends Meeting meets for worship every Sunday at the Meetinghouse, at 10:00 am. Many members of the Meeting are also members of the campus community, and students are always warmly welcomed. Worship at Campus Friends follows the traditional, unprogrammed Quaker form, in which worshippers gather and center in silence, and anyone present is free to speak when moved by the Spirit of God.

Area churches

Wilmington and the surrounding area host a number of churches with a variety of denominational affiliations, including Friends, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Church of Christ, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Episcopal, Adventist, Non-denominational, and others. Many local congregations love to welcome college students. More information on churches in the Wilmington area and how to reach them can be obtained from the campus minister.